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Auto Insurance

 When looking for affordable auto insurance we have everything you need!  We  deal with some of the top companies in the industry when it comes to auto insurance.  Whether you are looking for just the minimum coverage or full coverage, we are determined to find you the best coverage at the best rate.

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Homeowners Insurance

We understand that there is no place like home. That is why Metro Auto Insurance Agency is committed to finding the best homeowners coverage at great rates.  With our highly rated companies, we can assure that your home will be properly insured.  From owner-occupied dwellings to vacant properties, allow us give you a free quote today.

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Mobile Home Insurance

We are able to accept virtually every kind of mobile home on the market today without limits on age or value.  Any make, any model, any size.  In a park or on private property.  Seasonal and rental mobile homes, too!  Contact us today for a quote.

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Life Insurance

To plan for the future means to make certain commitments today. Life insurance is a crucial element of family planning because it ensures the financial security of the beneficiaries after the policyholder's death.

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